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Tea-hee Boba in Littleton, CO 80120

Welcome to Tea-hee Boba Littleton

Quiet, relaxing ambiance and good drinks are what you are looking for in a bubble tea shop? Then come to our bubble tea shop in Littleton, Colorado 80120, and enjoy a unique experience.

At Tea-hee Boba Littleton, your bubble tea shop at Littleton, we make sure that our shop creates a cozy atmosphere for you to relax. Our menu offers an extensive selection of fresh quality drinks. MILK TEAS, WINTERMELON, SMOOTHIES, COFFEE and so much more are available at our bubble tea shop. Our wide array of flavors and choices ensures that each visitor can find something that suits their preference.

Besides, in addition to providing delicious drinks, we only use fresh and healthy ingredients as well as clean items to make customers feel the most comfortable, believe, and assign their meal to us.

​ Stop by and grab a drink with us!

Tea-hee Boba Littleton